The University of Tromsø offers again the elective graduate course "Peace, Health and Medical Work". It will be conducted in autumn semester 2010 with an intensive teaching week from November 15th-19th. The reading for the course includes the web-based interactive teaching package Medical Peace Work (textbook, e-cases, and questions). Accreditation: 10 ECTS on Master's level

Peace, Health and Medical Work 2010 Institution University of Tromsø, Norway. Type of course Elective graduate module with theoretical and practical content Examination semester Autumn 2010 Work load 6,5 weeks (incl. 1 lecture week) Accreditation 10 credits (ECTS) Language of instruction English Level of course/Year of study Eligible applicants are students with a completed Bachelor's degree or similar level (more than three years of higher education) in medicine, health or social sciences. Objectives The optional module "Peace, Health and Medical Work" (PHMW) is aimed at students who are interested in health-related peace and conflict work. It focuses on positive and negative approaches to peace, provides theoretical and analytical tools for comprehending the basic mechanisms of medical peace work, and it introduces necessary skills, knowledge and values. The module's main objective is to create awareness about the potential role of health professionals in violence prevention and sustainable peace building. Contents The students will learn about different threats to peace and human security (such as proliferation of arms and unequal access to healthcare), and the various ways in which health professionals can act to counter such threats. It will deal with the impacts of humanitarian aid and development assistance on conflict, and the peace building capacity of health professionals when working either in Norway or in violent prone settings abroad. Form of learning • Four weeks of reading, self-study and online testing • One intensive teaching week, totalling 45 contact hours (seminar style lectures, group workshops, experiential exercises, and film screening) • Ten days of home exam Exam and assessment The home exam consists in an essay and answering of five questions, and is graded as pass or fail. Reading/syllabus The reading includes about 1000 pages. Half of them exist in the web-based interactive teaching package “Medical Peace Work” (textbook, e-cases, and questions); another 500 pages have to be selected from a list of relevant articles and book chapters. The syllabus will be announced at the module’s homepage. Timetables • May 1st 2010: Application deadline for free-movers, exchange students, and students enrolled in professional degree programs (from Norway or abroad) • September 1st 2010: Deadline for registration and sign-up for the exam • Intensive teaching week: November 15th to 19th 2010 Homepage