Utstilling online og på Verdenskongressen, Hiroshima, august 2012. Les artikkel og klikk på linken for å vite mer om et viktig prosjekt.

One year ago today, the Tōhoku earthquake occurred in Japan, leading to the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe. Today, people all over the world remember those days of horror and fear and think of the many who suffered from the earthquake, the tsunami or the nuclear crisis. Our thoughts go out to them and their families today. And of course we renew our warning as physicians for social responsibility that as long as there are nuclear reactors in the world we will always have the risk of another nuclear meltdown occuring, and there will always be the possibility of countries developing nuclear weapons. A group of IPPNW students and doctors from all over the world have thought of a fitting way to commemorate the first Fukushima Memorial Day: during the last six months, we have created a poster exhibition on the detrimental medical and environmental effects of the nuclear industry. The people affected by uranium mining that we heard from at the Basel Uranium Meeting, the downwinders of nuclear weapons testing, the survivors of the nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the victims of radioactive contamination from nuclear facilities like La Hague, Sellafield, Mayak or Hanford and the people suffering from radiation exposure through nuclear catastrophes like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl or Fukushima - all of them have one thing in common: they would all be better off, if the uranium had simply been left in the ground. In a way, they are all survivors of the corrupt, powerful and unhealthy nuclear industry - they are all Hibakusha. For this poster exhibition entitled "Hibakusha Worldwide", we have gone and researched the medical and environmental effects of the nuclear industry on 50 different places across the globe. The exhibition will be featured during the IPPNW Bike Tour in Japan in August and will be prominently displayed at the Hiroshima World Congress. But you can see already see the preliminary online version today here In order to put together this unique nlma2019_contents of case reports, we have called on experts and activists from all over the world. In most cases, IPPNW members working locally on nuclear issues have created the posters. Until the Hiroshima Congress, we still have five months to go and we're looking for your help in out continuing improvement of the exhibition until it's time to go into print. Using the "crowd intelligence" of the international IPPNW community, we hope to be able to substantially improve the existing posters and are looking for your input. So please, take the time to click through the exhibition and expecially look at topics that you know something about or that you have worked on yourself. If you find mistakes, or think that something should be reworded, if you have additional references and sources that we've missed, or know of great studies that have been done and were not included in our posters - please contact us at alexrosen(at)gmx.net so that we can profit from your expertise... You will hear about the progress of this great project in due time. For now I invite you all to take a first exclusive look at the new website... Hoping to hear from you soon, Dr. Alex Rosen IPPNW Germany For the Project "Hibakusha Worldwide"